This is how I do my 4 Day Lazy Run

Decided I should write down what I do so I could have a small semblance of order. This is for SC runs with no diet restrictions and lots of iotm/familiars. Nice and lazy, break ronin day 4. Key is to just use up so many turns that you break ronin no problem. Level 9 with liver is easily attained day 1 with the right gear and a slime tube, after that it's wasting as many turns as possible. Back to back 4 day runs are fine by me. Who needs optimal when you can take it easy, no stress, and perm skills?> Awwww, yeah.

Ok, here's the day 1.

p.s. For optimal ascending and to learn about the actual things everyone should know, check out stupac2's Ascension Guide. Has all the learning and know how for n00bs to speed runners. Also, please. Give a hoot, don't forget to donate Fax Machines to the Fax Network.

Remember, this is in no way a guide for others, it's just a reminder for me. People ask to see this, so here it is.(Assumes 5 squeezes.) Day 1 - Toot. Sell jem.

Set ML machine.

Get Bander. Get bird and attune.(1)


  • Crown

  • Ice Sickle

  • PilgrimShield

  • great american pants

  • Navel

  • juju

  • Loathing necktie(2-8)

  • Pull clan key.

    Equip Items

    Get pumpkin and juice it, using all 3 juices.

    Buy gum and get turtle totem

    Alter Enthronement

    Summon hearts till white or outta mp. Summon at least one sugar sheet.

    If no white heart, pay to fill mp and do it again.

    Table buffs, either mp (non myst class) or damage (myst class)

    Campground buffs.

    Pants buffs (1xno mp use 2xtoughen defense.)

    Eat Hearts!!!

    Get drink me/claw game. HEAL IN JACUZZI!!!

    Equip He-Boulder, Slime tube, FIRST COMBAT, TUNE JUJU THEN RED EYE! Free runaway.

    Chamois then switch to bander.

    Slime tube, killing with SB, refreshing candy hearts and using chamois till level 5.

    At level 5 stop, go to council, then go to guild. Open guild so you can get the guild side quest meat

    Pull and sell Facsimile Dictionairy(9). Need meat to cast ode.

    Use meat to by chewing gum, try and get accordian and/or tt totem. Also need at least one trinket.

    Buy casino pass, use clover, get rock, buy hammer, buy hermit permit, get roll, make rock&roll. If clovers are available, get more trinkets, get clovers, make better totem.

    Pull 5 pumpkins(10-14). Buy 5 fermenting and mix 5 pumpkins. Use ode twice, drink 14 pumpkin beers.

    Don't forget to keep getting hearts and have a sugar shirt equipped as well as casting empathy now.

    If level 6, go do friar quest. If not, slime tube till level 6 then friars.

    Keep sonata, smooth, and empathy running, finish friars quest.

    Start liver of steel quest. At 3 items found, switch to Crypt (stat noncom then generic(se)) till level 8. Switch to rogue program and get 3 tokens.

    At level 7 pull and use pwad(15).

    When level 8 is hit, go to mountains, yellow ray mining, get ores, go to mountains, sniff goat, get one milk.(use pants, Loathing knife and friars buff to help as needed.).

    Cook MOM, use and pull 3 hi meins(16-18) then eat them.

    Finish steel margarita quest then DRINK THE FUCKING DRINK!!!!( I forget to drink it so often.)

    Pull 1 TPS drink for night cap.(19) Cast ODE! Then night cap. Bank turns.

    So, banking turns is really only needed if done the day before a stat day. Otherwise, feel free to use them up, use your extra pull for a doormouse and get more turns for a hare, finishing off dairy goats while buffs still up, and/or go back and pick off all the low level quests. next day is mainly leveling and insults and setting up Macguffin and War stuff. Day 3 is completing Macguffin, started day 2 normally, and War. If i was optimal, i'd have all 6 keys by then. I usually don't. Day 4, eat the 3 keys, break ronin, make your other keys and walk through the gates of Mordor.

    Reminders:Check slime tube is prepped, Bake Keys, MIX grogtini's, stock hi meins, pwads and pumpkins.

    plover is tied to finding the bird, plugh the brick wellhouse, yoho the ship and xyzzy the white house.