Kingdom of Loathing Stuffs

Hello. For those that came here from KOL, I am EvilBear. I'm usually found in /games and am glad to help out with questions if needed. Here is a list of all my(hopefully) self explanitorially named links... that even a word?

Helpful KOL Links

-The KoL wiKi-

-Flinkle's KoL Info page - Quick guide to chat and the community-

-Stupac2's ascension guides - A must read for ascenders-

-Noblesse Oblige's KOL Calendar-

KOL bot related stuff, such as Buffbots, Mallbots, and Faxbot

-List of Faxbot monsters-

-List of known Mallbots-

-Noblesse Oblige (#594822) - Free and low cost Buffbot-

-Testudinata (#537858) -Free, low cost and large quantity Buffbot-

Rules for player created /games, /games etiquette, and /games rules.

-Game Rules-

-/games etiquette-


-Vikings of the North-

Entertaining little KOL stuff.

-4 Day Lazy Run-

-The Mad Hatter's KOL Limmerick Contest-

-Begz0r and Bear - A subtle tale of deceit, Part 1-

-Begz0r 2, a New Hope - A not so subtle tale of deceit Part 2-

-Hand Clock for a KOL Forums contest-

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