The Tale of The Begzor and the Bear

From a recent conversation through PM's on KOL.

BloOd HouNd: i am super pissed right now
EvilBear: Why?
BloOd HouNd: because i lost the 4 mr A's i donated for to the mmg
EvilBear: yeah, i've lost hundreds of millions there. I don't go anymore :)
BloOd HouNd: yea i am really mad. i worked so hard for the 40 dollars and lost it i wish i had like 1 mil of it still
BloOd HouNd: i am so mad those were SO important to me i am so mad
BloOd HouNd: i just wish will all of my heart i was never laid off my job, never kicked out of the house and never lost any meat to the mmg i really wish i just kept 1 mil of it in the closet
EvilBear: ouch. If you have no job why are you spending meat on this game?
BloOd HouNd: because i thought it would bring me joy but it really got me -32,567,453
BloOd HouNd: i wish i had at lease 1 mil of that back
EvilBear: i learned the hard way too. Now, if i need something big, i donate and have someone else hold my meat till i've saved up for it.
BloOd HouNd: well noone will lend me 1 mil and i really know that i want to get my navel ring back
EvilBear: well, you can always give collateral towards a mil loan
BloOd HouNd: i lost EVERYTHING i have nothing
EvilBear: Yeah, no way i'd have used a navel ring for collateral. Why did you get a navel ring anyways?
BloOd HouNd: it looked cool
EvilBear: lol, well there is the new pants alternative.
BloOd HouNd: i lost all my meat the new pants are my DREAM
EvilBear: well, 1million would in no way get you closer to a navel ring. Best either donate again or farm it. I prefer to donate. Farming takes too long :)
EvilBear: although i just blewall my meat on a meteoroid.
BloOd HouNd: i have no money, and A METEROID!!!! thats AWeSOME!!!
EvilBear: you have a meteoroid?
BloOd HouNd: i wish
BloOd HouNd: i really want those pants though
EvilBear: oh, i misunderstood your last comment
EvilBear: Pants are nice. Luckily they will be there till the end of the month. Maybe you can get enough money by then
BloOd HouNd: no i need to fix my car and find a new job, i cant get another mr a i am so mad i really want those pants
EvilBear: well, after you get a job you can always donate again.
BloOd HouNd: but i really want those pants now
EvilBear: Your subtle begging was fun. Thanks for the material to share with others for laughs. Bye.

Emhgee thinks there is the makings of a good country song in that conversation

Emhgee: I lost my meat, my truck broke down, give me stuff, replace this frown. Im a fool, i need some pants, my girl left me, for the south of france...
strum strum strum

Emhgee: why thank you! i'll be playing here all week. :D

-I was given a trophy for this conversation.-

-Begz0r 2, a New Hope - A not so subtle tale of deceit Part 2-


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