Begz0r 2, a New Hope

The Beg0r Strikes back, not so gently this time.

[trade] Loper: I'm looking to buy 3 Mr. As below mall as befits a bulk rate.
Double G4 : i was scammed out of a mister a
Loper : How so? Not that I can help you. But quite curious.
Double G4 : well someone like said that like i could sell my mr a for like 10 milllion meat and i said great so he said well just send it to me and after a long ten minute discussion of me saying no i finally
Double G4 : said yes
Loper : you are new then. Who was it?
Loper : there is a "trade" function which lets things be traded by mutual consent only when both have absolutley committed their promised items.
Double G4 : well it was blood hound
BloOd HouNd (#2159026), the Level 8 Otter Crusher (Disabled)
Loper : how do you know him? where did you meet?
Double G4 : i said "selling mr a for 7 mil set up trade and he then started the conversation with me
Loper : ah. in the trade channel?
Loper : well, he is a new character too, but since he did that I suspect it is a "multi" of someone. Some ideas:
Loper : first, send a message asking for the return or for the current market value . . . 8 mil meat.
Double G4 : i really want to get the item of the month with the mr a
Loper : second, send a note to his clan leader describing the situtation and documenting. (can you get screen shots or text of convo? copy of message?)
Double G4 : multi of i think arnold palmer, jugh hefner, lonely island, green day, king k, caffinated squirrel, and space man 117 were his multis
Loper : third, check "trustbot" by typing "/whois trustbot"
Double G4 : it was in PM
Double G4 : no
Double G4 : and he is disabled
Loper : Ah, if he has that many multis, perhaps send a note to multiczar kmail describing the details and the multis that you know
Loper : how did you hear about the game?
Double G4 : i donated so i can start playing and that was all my money since i lost my job and yesterday i lost my grandfather to the heaven and my dog died i dont have any money so that mr a was VERY importa
Double G4 : nt to me
Double G4 : i am so sad
Double G4 : you there?
Loper : sure.
Double G4 : i need you to listen
Loper : I'm listening.
Double G4 : can help me?
Double G4 : i could pay you back like 1 mil a week for like 8 weeks if you lend me a mister a
Double G4 : could i?
Double G4 : deal?
Double G4 : Sir, may i bother you for one moment, what is the answer to my questino?
Double G4 : Sir, is it a deal or no?
Double G4 : could i pay you 1 mil a week for 8 weeks and get a mr a from u???
Loper : sorry, I was away for a bit. you need a mil or a Mr. A? I'm confused
Double G4 : i will pay you 100k a week for 80 weeks if you like give me a MR A
Double G4 : deal?
Loper : hey, but what if the price of Mr. A goes up before the 80 weeks is up?
Double G4 : then i will add the additional money until it is fully paid off
Loper : but what about interest?
Double G4 : i will pay that too, how much is it?
Double G4 : deal?
Loper : I don't know what is fair?
Double G4 : 10%
Loper : Why do you need it? At the early stages of the game you relly need a kablamer weapon rather than a Mr. A. Do you have one?
Double G4 : i really want to get the item of the month with the mr a
Loper : but the pants aren't as much help as a decent weapon. And also stat boosters. Maybe you would rather have something better?
Double G4 : i want the pants
Loper : but how can they help you? Questing and growth requires other game elements and the mechanics of the pants don't work well for new players. Have you studied wikipedia for the game?
Loper : hello? maybe you'd be better off without the Mr. A and with something else instead?
Loper : I don't know much about the 18 lime, 10 Jumbo olives and 20 cherries you are trying to trade. I don't do cocktailcrafting. Wouldn't 40k help a newbie alot?
[note, the current market value of the items offered for trade was 49,762]
Double G4 has accepted a trade response from you.
Double G4 : sorry i had to eat dinner
Double G4 : no i REALLY want those pants
Double G4 : those pants are all i want and i am wiling to pay 8.5 mil over the next 85 weeks for them
Loper : oh? it still seems like a poor choice of a purchase for someone so new. They will be around in the future. For now you need, y'know, basic armor weapons and food and such.
Double G4 : please??? for me?
Double G4 : please? i ReAlLy want it and they will be lots more in the future
Double G4 : i really want them and only them i am a pretty stubborn girl
Double G4 : how about we do the same thing but with a MR A JR
Double G4 : please?
Loper : huh, the Mr. A Jr. is even more worthless for a new player than the Mr. A. I'm not sure I even have one of those.
Double G4 : you have one EQUIPPED
Loper : I do? holy smokes! I thought I sold that ages ago. Hmm. Maybe it doesn't work very well?
Double G4 : can i have it and make payments on it weekly??? please?? please/??? you didn't even know you had it
Loper : huh. I don't know, if it doesn't work properly, I should probably pulverize it like I did that 17-ball that was defective.
Loper : wait, not 17-ball, a 7 ball. Ha ha! that would be sad probably.
Loper : how would you be able to make the payments? What would you do to earn that kind of meat?
Double G4 : i would do the lemon party slot, it has made me meat before and i will also be leveling up and farming tomarrow
Double G4 : plus you didnt even know you had it
Double G4 : please?
Loper : the lemon party slot is guaranteed to beat 10% interest? I didn't know that. Huh. Why wouldn't I just sell it and use the meat for the lemon slot?
Double G4 : im not going to do that i just want to like get the mr a jr
Double G4 : please?
Double G4 : pretty please?
Loper : what are you seeking again? I thought it was some pants? Let me send you some cloaca cola fatigues. Those are great for new folks.
[I immediately send cola fatigues]
Double G4 : no i want your mr accessory junior
Loper : there I sent you some pants. Girls shouldn't run around without their britches on!
Loper : are you trying to buy my child? Isn't that illegal in this game?
Double G4 : i want your Mr. A Jr
Loper : how much is the Mr. A Jr worth?
Double G4 : 4.5 mil
Loper : how do you know that? I think they are selling in the mall for at least 8 mil since they cost the same as a Mr. A.
Double G4 : i know that because i was told the other day when i asked
Loper : oh. not by that lowlife Blood Hound, was it, because he'd want to undervalue the item for sure.
Double G4 : it was
Double G4 : it was him
Double G4 : and can ipelase have your mr a jr i will make monthly payments
Loper : ah. he was probably lying then. I'm pretty sure they are the same as a Mr. A since you have to give a Mr. A to get a Mr. A Junior.
Double G4 : mr a jr is going for 5.3 in the mall
Double G4 : i jsut asked a loaner
Double G4 : check the mall they are 5,2
Loper : oh, they are tradeable in the mall? I thought they were special items.
Loper : wow, there they are. I wonder why they are only at 5.2. I think there must be a mistake.
Double G4 : they have been 5.2 apparently and can i have your s then?
Double G4 : please? i will make payments
Loper : who do you know in this game who can vouch for you?
Double G4 : my cousin nautical illusion, i have traded with him before
Double G4 : he will vouch for me
Double G4 : did you ask him?
Double G4 : did you usin nautical illusion if he would vouch for me?
Loper : not yet. I'm kinda shy.
Double G4 : ask him im sure he will be polite
Nautical Illusion: my cuz says i am supposed to talk to you
private to TrustBot: trusters nautical illusion
New message received from TrustBot
Loper : oh, hello. You have a cousin in this game?
Nautical Illusion: he is my cousin
Nautical Illusion: yea double g4
Nautical Illusion: yes she is a VERY trustworthy girl my cousin
Double G4 : so what did he say?
Double G4 : did he give me good reccomendations?
Loper : you should help her, since she got robbed by Blood Hound recently.
Loper : and I am sorry to hear about your grandma. Really quite sad timing, eh?
Nautical Illusion: yes my grandpa wend fast
Nautical Illusion: and i lost all of my meat to the mmg i have nothing
Double G4 : did he give me good reccomendations?
Nautical Illusion : she says you are going to give her a mr a jr, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! she has not been coping with this death well at ALL
Double G4 : can i have the mr a jr?
Loper : such a sad state of affairs.
Loper : I thought you wanted some pants?
Nautical Illusion : yes and her dog dying and getting laid off her job OHH MY GOSH that girl has been through a lot, i am just so happy you are giveing her a MR. A jr
Double G4 : no i wanted either the Greatest American Pants, a Mr, Accessory or a Mr. Accessory Jr.
Double G4 : whichever one would be just great
Loper : you know, I don't think the Mr. A Jr. is the right item. I'll have to think about it some more. I get easily confused. I'm not sure why a Jr. is right.
Nautical Illusion : thanks so much for (hopefully) giving her the Mr. A jr
Loper : /r maybe send me a K mail telling me what happened, what you want and what you can do for repayment. Don't forget interest and inflation. Thanks.
New message received from Double G4
New message received from Double G4
Loper : could you send me a K-mail telling me a little about her? I'm flustered now, and need to think about all this.
New message received from Double G4
Double G4 : when am i gettng the items
Double G4 : forget everything, forget me i dont want anything i QUIT kol
Loper : oh, don't give up . . . it will take your mind off your troubles to escape.

The best comment I've received to date.

ragingrage (private): thankyou for your "begger and the bear" stories. They really lightened up my day. btw, my dog just died, and.... XD

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