My favorite and regularly read webcomics and artists as well as some other sites.

-Bay Area Masqurade-

Other stuff I tend to check out on a regular basis...

-Very Demotivational * Well, i guess it depends on which side of the poster you are on.-

-Comixed* Take a pic, add a word bubble, enjoy a meme. -


-Friday Night Waltz * ...guess which nights?-

-Vintage Waltz * Tuesday nights-

-East Bay Waltz * Second Saturday each month... unless not.-

-Alameda Ceili * Monday Nights-

-Gaskell's * Ye Gaskell Occasional Dance Society-

-PEERS * The Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society. They have great balls. Wait! That's not what I meant!-

-Fezziwig's * From Thangksgiving weekend till the weekend before Christmas, this is where you will most likely find me. Here or Mad Sal's.-

-Vintage Invasion * 4th friday of the month.-

-The Starry Plough * Monday Nights in Berzerkeley.-


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