When I say "Rollercoaster!" in /games, pm me a number from 1-10. The first 10 pm's will play.

Each pm is assigned a number based on the order in which they were received(1-10).

I will roll a 1d10 in games. The the first person of the 10 pm's to match chatbot's roll receives 100k X their entry order.

For example, if a 3 is rolled and and the first to have guessed 3 is the 5th pm, then they get 500k.

If none of the first 10 entries match the roll I will say "Ride's over!" and the first person in /games to pm "Again!" gets 100k times the roll. Not just the ten people playing, anyone can pm if the ride is over.

EvilBear: huh.... any idea's for my games name?
FangA (private): How about.... Rollercoaster?
EvilBear: oh, i like fanga's. -hic-
EvilBear: Roller coaster it is :)
FangA: :)
FangA: Those who coast (wait) get more meat, so it works that way, too! :)
EvilBear: but there is a chance to miss being in the first ten.
FangA: Yep
FangA: Then you hit the end of the rollercoaster and die
FangA: With extra splat effects



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