Vikings of the North

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Warriors of the North! The War Chief, Lord Viking the Twelfth, has called upon you this day to embark on one of his glorious missions, from pillaging a town to something a bit harder...

You will have to make choices that affect your whole party, leading to glory and loot, or possibly death, all while climbing the ranks of the Viking Elite army and enjoying your pillaged riches!! Or you can break the Viking code and betray your fellow Vikings, keeping all the loot for yourself, HAHAHAHA! Just hope that they don't live to find out about your betrayal!

You will first need to choose your individual weapon to help the squad as a whole.
You can choose from amongst these pillaged and forged weapons:

~Axes - Good against armored units.

~Hammer - Destroys Heroes with heavy blows but leaves you vulnerable.

~Bow - Makes you hard to get to but leaves you separated from the group and you deal less damage.

~Throwing Axe - Deals more damage than a bow and has closer range so you can be closer to your group, but is much worse in melee then a regular axe.

~Pike - Protects you but slows you down a lot, making you lag behind. Great against calvary.

You then need to choose where to pillage and how to get there on a special mission by discussing and pm'ing your answers to multiple choice adventures while trying not to be killed.

If you survive to the end, you shall enjoy riches, loot and a possible artifact to aid you on your next mission, as well as an improved rank increasing your ability to survive future adventures! So get ready to raid and plunder, for Valhalla awaits all those that fall with honor, riches for those that betray their friends, and an eternity of damnation for those that get caught! Plus bunnies.

Heirlooms are a new form of artifact which last your entire gaming lifetime and are much, much harder to locate and are only found in special hard missions! They are not as powerful as casual items, but should you die you will never lose it! It is also very expensive so you can take a hefty sum of meat if you do not play often.

An Artifact is an item gained in game and later made by me into your own personal custom item! An artifact has several properties.

Type of weapon: How many hands it takes and how many other weapons you can bring along with you.

Power: The percentage increase of damage you do, so in this case 500 Power is equal to a 500% increase.

Stat Requirement: Stat requirement, including any stat, is your Rank multiplied by 50 so if you are a commander your stats are 100.

Selling price: Selling price is how much it sells for if you get tired of it, can be transferred between players. The meat on it's sale price is it's actual sale price.

Effect: Effect is what the artifacts special properties are and in this example Vamparisim heals you a small percentage every time you kill an enemy.

Here are my ranks to climbing up the ladder in Vikings of the North!

~Battalion Commander
~War General
~War Hero
~War Legend

Every weekend I hold a special mission that ranges from the Undead ravaging the country side to the Spanish Armada sacking our fleets. It has several other advantages, such as better loot, more artifacts and is the only way to obtain heirlooms. There are also more players in these special adventures. But beware!!! More people die, it is much harder, and takes much longer!

So, enjoy your special missions, sharpen your horned helm and pillage on!


New update on Vikings of the North ranged weapons! Frown and say hooray! For nerfing and buffing of them! On today's viking news feed! Bad news first because Vikings can take the pain, Ranged weapons now miss more often and have a turn basis of ammo. With the ammo per combat turn equaling about 10-20 (Which is about 200 to 400 shots) so you shouldn't run out unless in intense combat, is also planning on implementing skills, and attack styles in the near future. And for the good news, ranged weapons are now much more powerful and can kill bosses in several hits but they can now block much more easily with powerful armour and deadly movement. That is all for today! Pillage on.

Bows ammo=20
Throwing Axe=10

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